Theatre Arts

Theater Arts I is a year-long course for freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. Theater Arts I introduces students to the basics of theater. Students do various activities and exercises that introduce and familiarize them with all aspects of theater. Using the knowledge gained through the study of theater, students focus on solving problems faced by actors, directors, and technicians. They also refine their abilities to collaborate on performances, and they learn to constructively evaluate their own and others’ efforts.

Advanced Theatre Arts
Recommended: Theater Arts and Completed Application
Advanced Theater Arts is a year-long course for sophomores, juniors and seniors. Students must have taken Theater Arts I to qualify. Advanced theater teaches students more advanced improvisation, analysis of plays, production work, independent thinking, and self-evaluation of work. This is accomplished by having students create and work in their own theater production companies. They experience all aspects of theater by creating the group, putting together productions, raising funds, and serving the community.

Theatre Production Management

Students enrolled in Theater Production Management take on the responsibilities associated with the technical rehearsal and presentation of a theater production. Students learn sound, lighting, and rigging equipment; safety and security of the facility; front of house duties; and back of house duties. Students will perform roles in a production such as lighting, spotlight, soundboard, costumes, props, and curtain for Advanced Theater class productions. In addition, students will be staff for the auditorium director on productions and events. Therefore, some out of class auditorium events will be required to work in exchange for pay.



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​Theatre vs. Theater

The spelling of the word is in some debate. Some say the "re" spelling adds an air of pretentiousness. Webster's Dictionary does not make a distinction and accepts both. We at Lake Central Theatre believe the following to be true: "Theatre" refers to the art of creation on stage, whereas, "Theater" refers to the building where the art takes place. We hope this clears up the issue.

Pam Neth is the Director of the Spring musical and Freshman play for the Lake Central Theatre Company. In the past seasons she has directed the productions of The Boys Next Door, The Crucible, Little Shop of Horrors, Treasure Island, Alice in Wonderland, Seussical the Musical, A Midsummer Night's Dream, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and Grease.  
Born and raised in Lafayette, Indiana, she graduated from Purdue University in 1996 with a communications major and a theatre and supervision minor. She then returned to Purdue in 1998 to pursue her teacher certification in theatre and speech. She completed her certification in 2001. During this time she also served as a technician for her old high school color guard, Lafayette Jefferson, from 1994-2000.
In late July of 2001 Pam received a teaching position from Lake Central High School. She is the teacher of the Theatre Arts I and Advanced Theatre Arts classes. Pam established the unique format for the Advanced Theatre Arts class as an independent study class for actors. Student actors experience running their own theatre troupes and performing both improvisational and scripted shows. 

Lake Central Theatre Company has a brand new state of the art auditorium! It holds almost 1100 patrons.

LC theatre also has a Black Box theatre that can be used for smaller more intimate performances or rehearsals.

Adam Gustas is our new Assistant Director for the Fall show. He is an Alumni for Lake Central theatre and has participated in too many theatre productions to count. After volunteering in several productions at LC we were happy to bring him on as an employee! He will be helping will all things theatre during the Fall show! 

Lake Central

Theatre Company

Lake Central Theatre Company has been producing shows since the early 70's! 

Nicole Raber is the Director of the Fall and Summer plays for the Lake Central Theatre Company. In the past seasons she has directed the productions of Game of Tiaras, The Giver, The Sparrow, The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood, The Revenge of the Space Pandas, and The Murderous Mansion of Mr. Uno.  
Born in Terre Haute, Indiana and raised in High Point, North Carolina she graduated from Indiana State University in 2004 with a Bachelors degree in Theatre concentrating in Directing and Playwriting. She then returned to college in 2005 to pursue her graduate degree in School Counseling. Nicole has taught theatre for over 20 years to children and adults of all ages. She currently teaches two theatre camps in June for the Schererville Parks and Recreation department. 

Bob Gustas is the International Thepian Society Sponsor which means he gets to direct our contest show each year! The contest show is the ITS competitive show which competes at the Regional competition and then hopefully at the State level! 

Mr. Gustas is also the Summer Show director for Lake Central! He has been doing theatre for years!!! He has experience in all aspects of theatre from acting, choreographing to directing! You can also check him out doing theatre at Clark Middle School shen he isn't teaching Math. 

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